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SEEN2SEE was established in 2016, with a task to bring exquisite, exciting and unique eyewear to the Australian market. We seek brands with refreshing ideas, superior quality and styles that is yet to be discovered in this country. We are the exclusive distributor to some of world’s finest, technology advanced and fashion forward eyewear.

Bringing a New Era to Luxury Eye Wear

Freddie Wood eyewear is sophistication infused with state of the art technology. Each frame is hand crafted from genuine natural buffalo horn, utilizing classic craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology creating a collection of unique, modern and beautiful eyewear to be worn with comfort.

Freddie Wood Breaking the traditional design a leap redefines luxury – timeless material crafted for modern expectation.


Founded in Shanghai by fashion designer Jin Chongyu and Les Suen in 2014, JINNNN is not to be just merely a clothing brand.

Jin developed his vision while working for Rick Owens and Dior.  His first 2015 Spring Summer Collection attract the eyes of major fashion magazines and featured in Vogue, Bazaar, Elle and more.

His eye-wear collection launched last year was a huge success.  The shape inspired from the 40s with minimal futuristic twist,  combining  this unique take on historic famous and his wicked design theses pieces are adored by celebrities, stylists and consumers who seek  a point of difference.

The 1st production of these Limited-Edition 3 color variants sold out within months, string up immense social media followings and created an extended waiting list for the upcoming re-release.

MUST by Grafix is a high quality German made eyewear range using high-tech ultra light weight β-titanium to provide full adjust-ability, ultimate wearing comfort and durability.

High-tech ultra light weight β-titanium

Light weight full adjustable construction for ultimate wearing comfort and durability

Unique Rolling Hinge Design

Latest technology paired with synthetic materials, providing the hydraulic motion in the movement of the hinge that is super smooth and long lasting.  Durability tested 20,000+ times of actions without wear and tear

Precision Laser Cutting

High precision laser cutting then with triple vibration-grinding procedures, combined with 156 hours of grinding and polishing post treatment to prepare the surface for colour coating.

Ultra Durable PVD Coating

Using physical vapour deposition technology, all the colour coating in the MUST by Grafix range is build to last with resistance to chip, tarnish or fade

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